Curd Potatoes Recipe: If Monday is fast then eat curd potatoes, it is easy to make, know here...


Most people eat potatoes in the fruit food made during the fast. Because it happens instantly. But if you do not like to eat only potatoes during fasting, then prepare potatoes with curd. Prepared with boiled potatoes, this fruit dish is ready in just a few minutes. So let's know how to make potatoes with fruit curd.


Ingredients for Making Curd Potatoes
Two spoons of desi ghee, one spoon of cumin, one spoon of black pepper, boiled potato, rock salt as per taste, finely chopped green chili, one-inch long piece of ginger, two spoons of buckwheat flour, one cup curd, one cup water.

How to make Curd Potatoes
Heat desi ghee in a pan. When the ghee becomes hot, add cumin seeds and crackle. When cumin seeds crackle, add crushed black pepper. Fry it together with chopped boiled potatoes and add. Mix rock salt together. Fry it well.


Now heat ghee in another pan. After cracking it, add green chili, finely chopped ginger, and crushed black pepper. When they are roasted a little, then add buckwheat flour along with it. Mix everything well. After roasting the buckwheat flour well, add a cup of curd to it. Add water along with curd. Let it cook by mixing well. Add fried potatoes together. Cover and cook for some time. Until the water becomes thick. Curd potatoes are just ready. Whether eat it like this or serve it hot with water chestnut flour or buckwheat flour puri.