Curd Benefits: In these days of summer, consume curd daily, health gets these tremendous benefits


With the arrival of the summer season, changes are seen in the diet and such things are included which have a cooling effect. One such food is curd which everyone likes to eat during summers. Yogurt contains many nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, protein, iron, lactose, vitamin D, B2, B12, B6 which work to build the health of the body. Yogurt rich in probiotics i.e. good bacteria is kept in the category of superfoods. Today in this episode we are going to inform you about these health benefits of consuming curd. Let's know about them...


For healthy digestion
The good bacteria present in yogurt have a huge role to play in cleaning the digestive system. Taking a bowl of curd with food every day keeps the digestive system fine. If you take it with food, it also helps in absorbing the nutrition of other food in the body. According to a research, the use of curd does not cause any kind of infection in your stomach. Considered very good for treating stomach upset. If you are struggling with infection then you must definitely consume curd.

Strengthens immunity
Due to the good bacteria present in curd, overall health is better and it works to strengthen your immunity. Yogurt has probiotic properties that carry good bacteria. This bacteria protects you from the attack of external bacteria on the body and prevents any kind of disease from occurring. It also prevents vaginal infection from occurring. Consuming curd daily in summer will help in strengthening the immune system.


Makes bones strong
Yogurt, rich in calcium and phosphorus, helps in the development of strong bones and teeth. Due to being rich in calcium, curd is very good for bones as well as our teeth.