Cucumber for dull skin:- If you want to get a flawless glow on the skin, then eat cucumber and apply it to the face.


If we tell you that there is one thing that eating and applying can give you glowing skin, then you probably will not believe it. But it is possible. Cucumber is the perfect remedy for women who want young and beautiful skin. 

Do you know that cucumber contains about 96 percent water? The right amount of water makes it the most hydrating and soothing ingredient for your skin. Cucumber is a complete package when it comes to skincare. It is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins that contribute to the health of your skin to a great extent. 

Cucumber contains high levels of antioxidants which are very good for the skin. By eating cucumber, your skin becomes spotless and beautiful from the inside. Even TV actress JuhiParmar uses cucumber to maintain her beauty. She has shared this thing with the fans through his Instagram a few days ago.

Juhi told the recipe

Its caption read, 'Sunday is back with pampering and this time around for most of us, this remedy is present in our regulated diet and fridge. So get those cucumbers out and pamper yourself being Sunday!' 

Juhi further wrote, 'Cucumber is great for hydration. As we know, it consists of about 95 percent water and thus, helps in flushing out toxins and helps in weight loss. She said that cucumber helps in keeping the eyes above the eyes and reducing the dark circles. 

Commenting on the many skin benefits of using cucumber, Juhi said, "It helps hydrate the skin, soothes irritation and prevents premature ageing." So, the next time you eat cucumber; don't forget to rub some on your face for these added beauty benefits.

Skin is hydrated

We all know what happens when the skin lacks hydration. Your skin becomes dry and rough. Hydration is essential for your skin to breathe. Cucumber can hydrate your skin due to its high water content.

Inhibits free radicals

Free radicals are some dangerously unstable molecules which are formed due to environmental reasons like excessive pollution, UV radiation etc. It can damage your skin cells and affect your DNA. This condition can also lead to skin cancer. Antioxidants are the most famous element to fight free radicals and cucumber is a powerhouse of antioxidants.

Heals sunburns

Cucumber has a soothing effect on the skin. When your skin burns due to excessive sun exposure, a small amount of cucumber gel can give you relief. Being anti-inflammatory, it can also reduce the redness of your skin.

Prevents acne

Using cucumber can help in maintaining the oil balance of your skin. It works as an astringent to tighten your skin pores and reduce sebum oil secretion. Thus, your skin experiences a normal oil secretion and acne remains at bay. 

You can also make the skin glow by applying and eating cucumbers.

Article & Image Credit: Instagram (@JuhiParmar) 


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