Crispy Crunchy Potato Recipe: Crispy Crunchy Potato Recipe will be ready in this easy way, know here...


Crispy Crunchy Potato Recipe: Crispy Crunchy Potato is a recipe that is very much liked by children. Crispy Crunchy Potatoes can be made and eaten in a jiffy for breakfast or if you feel a little hungry during the day. It can be made in many ways. Today we are going to tell you one such recipe to make Crispy Crunchy Potatoes. Most of the food dishes made from potatoes are very much liked among children and Crispy Crunchy Potatoes is also one of them.


- potato
- corn flour
- Chili Flakes
- coriander leaves
- Oil
- salt

Method - To make Crispy Crunchy Potatoes, first, take potatoes and cut them into big pieces. After this, put water in a pot and boil it. When the water boils, put chopped potatoes in it and cook. When the potatoes are boiled, take them out in a vessel. After this, put potatoes in a mixing bowl and add cornflour, ground red chili, and coriander leaves mash the potatoes well by pressing them with the help of a fork.


Now take a plate and put mashed potatoes in it and spread it all over the plate to make a layer. After that cut it lengthwise with the help of a knife. After this, put oil in a pan and heat it. When the oil becomes hot, put the potato pieces in the oil and deep fry them. After this take them out on a plate. Tasty Crispy Crunchy Potatoes are ready. Serve them with tomato sauce.