Craving: Desire to eat spicy food again and again? Know what is the big reason behind it...


Reasons Of Craving For Spicy Food: Who does not like spicy food. Spicy dishes, spicy dishes enhance the taste of food. If food is prepared in any Indian household, then it is natural that most of the spicy dishes will be found in it. Since the advent of fast food, there has been an upsurge in the market of spicy and spicy food, which increases the craving for food inside the people. However, if your craving for spicy food is increasing, then it is not a good sign for you. Constantly craving for spicy food can prove to be dangerous for your health. It is also a sign of many diseases. Therefore, today we will tell you about some such symptoms by which you can find out what is the secret behind your constant craving for spicy food.


Due to constant stress, you may have a craving or desire for spicy food. The chemical capsaicin is found in spicy food, which can give you relief in times of tension. In times of tension or stress, eating spicy food gives relief, which is very comfortable.

Pregnancy is a time when you want to eat a lot. At this time women like sour and spicy food. Therefore, if a woman is having a craving for spicy food, then it can also be a symptom of pregnancy.

Change in health
Our body keeps changing its habits according to the season. In winter, people often struggle with the problem of cold and cough. To deal with this problem, spicy food can be a good option. Therefore, if there is a desire to eat more spicy, then definitely consult a doctor once.

Increase in body temperature
If the temperature of the body is increasing, then it can also be related to your spicy spicy food. Due to the spices used in spicy food, the body temperature often increases. And you start sweating. Therefore, if the temperature of your body is increasing, then spicy food will be very good for you.


Body mask index
If the mask index of your body has been large, then you may increase the desire to eat spicy tarts. And if you are suffering from this problem then you need to pay attention to your body.

Too much spicy food is also not good for health. Therefore, keeping all the things in mind, eat spicy food. And take care of your health.