Covid-19 crisis: For the first time since January, the situation worsens, rising R-Value is a cause of great concern, know what it means?


For the last two weeks, the rapidly increasing infection of corona across the country is going to increase the concern of the common people as well as health experts. Cases of corona infection are being reported rapidly in about 10 states of the country including Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh. Talking about the last 24 hours, infection has been confirmed in more than 2500 people, as well as 44 people have died due to infection across the country. Reports suggest that there is a rapid increase in infection cases due to Omicron and its sub-variants of Corona. Many states have tightened the rules regarding reapplying of masks as a precaution. Meanwhile, the rising R-value of corona infection has also become a cause of concern for health experts. An increase in the R-value is an indicator of how fast the infection is spreading. Recent reports suggest that the R-value of the capital Delhi has crossed two, which is seen as a challenging situation. According to health experts, the speed with which the cases of corona are increasing, it can cause big problems, all people need to keep taking safety measures continuously.


Deteriorating situation in Delhi-Maharashtra
In the two states of the country, Delhi and Maharashtra, a rapid jump is being registered in the cases of corona. While Delhi's R-value has crossed the figure of two, in Maharashtra this figure remains above one. Maharashtra Additional Chief Secretary Dr Pradeep Vyas said that till Saturday the R or value of coronavirus in the state was below one. Recent reports are indicating towards its growth. Keeping this threat in mind, surveillance and precautions have been increased at every level in the state. All the people are being appealed personally to keep taking measures to prevent infection.

What is R-Value?
The R-value, in medical parlance, indicates how many people an infected person can transmit the disease to. Ideally, it is considered good to remain below one, however, the information coming from different parts of the country about the increase in R-value is alarming. For the past few weeks, the R-value of infection in the country has been increasing continuously. According to the data, while the R-value of infection across the country was around 0.93 during April 5-11, it has increased to 1.07 between April 12-18.
The increasing spread of corona is dangerous
Health experts say, the speed at which the corona is increasing globally and causing disease in people is coming to the fore, in the meantime, similar situations in India are going to increase the difficulties. The analysis, conducted under the chairmanship of Professor Nilesh S Upadhyay and Professor S Sundar of IIT-Madras, suggests that the situation may worsen due to corona in the coming days. To prevent the spread of corona, everyone should follow the covid appropiate behavior.c

Things got worse after January
If we look at the data, it is known that this is the first time after January 2022 that the R-value of infection in the country has gone above one. Earlier, the R-value was 1.28 between January 16-22, the same time when the country was in the grip of a third wave. Regarding the rising cases of corona once again, experts say that due to the high infectivity of Omicron and its sub-variants, there is a resurgence in cases.