Covid-19: What is the risk of long covid among people who have been infected with Omicron? Big disclosure in study


The corona virus has affected countries around the world for more than two years. New variants of Covid-19 are emerging one after the other, due to which the cases of infection increase from time to time. Many people got infected in the second and second wave of corona. But it is a matter of concern that even after getting healthy in people infected with corona, the symptoms of infection are being found for a long time. A report has found that people who had recovered from the initial infection had symptoms of covid for months, which has been named long covid or post covid syndrome. According to experts, symptoms of corona virus have been found even after four weeks in the victims who have been infected with the Omicron variant of the corona virus for the first time as compared to the delta variant. According to a team of scientists doing research to know the danger of Long Covid, symptoms of Long Covid can be present in recovered infected people for six months to a year. This report has come out from National Statistics. The report also said that many people may have severe symptoms of Long Covid Syndrome. Know what is Long Covid or Post Covid Syndrome? How dangerous is Long Covid for people who have recovered from infection and what are the symptoms of Long Covid?


What is Long Covid?
Long covid is the stage in which patients who have recovered from corona infection have some symptoms of infection which can last from weeks to months. Here the symptoms of infection persist for weeks in those recovering from infection, post covid syndrome.

Symptoms of long covid
By the way, the symptoms of Long Covid can vary from person to person. But the most common symptoms post covid include shortness of breath, cough-tiredness, joint pain, sleep problems, brain fog and muscle aches. According to the UK's Office of National Statistics, 58 percent of patients with Long Covid have symptoms of fatigue, 42 percent of patients have shortness of breath, 32 percent have muscle pain and 31 percent have trouble concentrating.


Who is at risk of long covid?
According to a research report published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal, three out of four people who have been cured of corona are still suffering from some problem after a year. Those who are obese, or those who have been on ventilators during the treatment of Kovid, are seeing symptoms of long covid. A research conducted by researchers from the University of Leicester, UK has found that women are more prone to post covid problems than men.