Covid-19: Those who have not been vaccinated can increase the difficulties of vaccinated people, experts caution


The increasing cases of corona infection have become a cause of great concern globally. Research suggests that Omicron and its sub-variants have a high infectivity rate that increases the risk of people becoming infected. Although Omicron variants do not cause severe infections, they can cause rapid spread of infection among the population. Researchers say that people who have been vaccinated have a lower risk of serious disease and death due to infection, so everyone should get both doses of the vaccine as soon as possible. Meanwhile, in a recent research, scientists have given special emphasis on the requirements of vaccination, saying that vaccination is very necessary not only to protect against serious diseases, but also to prevent the spread of infection. Not only do people who have not been vaccinated have a higher risk of hospitalization for infection, but they can also increase the risk of infection for other people. Let us know about this study in detail.

Those who are not vaccinated can increase the problems of others
In this study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, scientists said that if the majority of people in a population are not vaccinated, then such people can create problems for those who have already taken both doses of the vaccine. In research, scientists found that non-vaccinated people can cause problems for vaccinated people. Keeping this danger in mind, everyone must be vaccinated.

What did the study find?
Researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada conducted a sample model testing between non-vaccinated and vaccinated people to find out the severity and risk of infectiousness of the coronavirus. In this, people who had taken both doses of the vaccine for some time were kept with people without vaccination. In this research, it was tried to know that if those who have not been vaccinated, if they become infected, then how much risk of infection can be passed on to other people?


What do researchers say?
David Fisman, a professor at the Della Laan School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, says about the research, this study shows that if you have taken both doses of the vaccine, but the people around you have not been vaccinated, then you will be infected. may be at risk. This model study also points out that in places where vaccination rates are high, even small numbers of unvaccinated people may be at risk. This research emphasizes that to reduce the risk of infection in the population, the goal of vaccination of all people has to be worked out.