Covid-19: Risk of infection from asymptomatic people, how to know without symptoms whether you are infected or not?


The ongoing corona infection globally has troubled people in many ways. While some of its variants have caused serious damage to many organs of the body, Omicron and its sub-variants, which are currently causing troubles for the world, are being described as highly contagious. In recent research, scientists have also alerted people about two new sub-variants of Omicron, BA.3 and BA.4. According to preliminary information received about these variants, they may also be able to dodge antibodies made naturally from infection or vaccination. Omicron's infectivity rate is already a cause of great concern to scientists.


In research on Omicron and its sub-variants, scientists found that most people infected with it are seeing mild symptoms. In some people the infection remains asymptomatic, in which no symptoms are seen despite being infected. Asymptomatic cases may be considered better from the point of view of the severity of the disease, although such people can cause the infection to spread to the people around. Asymptomatic cases are usually not even identified, so the question arises that is there any way on the basis of which it can be known whether you are a victim of asymptomatic infection or not? Let us know about this in further detail.

Risk of infection from asymptomatic people
Health experts say, there are many people who do not have any symptoms, but their test report comes positive. Such people can be potential sources of spread of COVID. In a study published in JAMA Network Open, researchers said that although asymptomatic people may not show any symptoms of corona, they can be at risk of spreading the infection to other people like people with symptoms. Experts advise such people to keep taking special precautions so that the danger to other people can be reduced.

How to diagnose asymptomatic infection?
Researchers say that it is very difficult to find out whether you are a victim of asymptomatic infection. Covid test can be one way for this.
RT-PCR or rapid antigen test can help identify the presence of the virus in the body, even if you are not showing any symptoms. However, in such cases, it is advisable not to take the test if there are no symptoms.


What do experts say?
Health experts say, if you have been in contact with people with Covid-19 or someone who has been in close contact with you has recently received a positive report of Covid, then you should also be alert. Make sure you isolate yourself from others even if you don't have any symptoms or problems. Come in contact with people only if your test report comes negative. It is the social responsibility of the people to prevent the epidemic.