Covid-19: Long covid with danger from new variants is also a big challenge, symptoms are not going even after a year of infection


For the last more than two years, the infection of corona, which has been going on globally, has affected people's health in many ways. While some cases of severe disease have been seen in some people due to the variants exposed to the corona, the symptoms of long covid persist for a long time after recovery from the infection in most people. Symptoms that persist for months after the initial infection has healed are known as long covid or post covid syndrome. According to health experts, this is a major emerging challenge at the global level, which has increased the pressure on the health sector. A team of scientists doing research to know the danger of Long Covid found that a large number of people who have been cured of corona infection can have symptoms of Long Kovid for six months to a year. In a report by the UK National Health Service, researchers said that even a year after recovery from the infection, only one in four people feel fully recovered. In many people, the symptoms of Long COVID syndrome can be severe, which may require constant medical attention. Let us know what the experts have to say about this crisis.


The problem of long covid can trouble you for a long time
In research published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal, scientists said that even a year after being cured of corona, three out of four people who have been hospitalized are still suffering from some problem. Only one person is being observed completely free of symptoms. These figures are quite worrying. Certain conditions increase the risk of chronic covid in people. People who are suffering from obesity or who needed to be kept on ventilator during treatment, many problems remain in them even after a year.

Long covid risks
This research, led by researchers from the University of Leicester, UK, regarding the risks of long covid, shows that women are more prone to post covid problems than men. For more than a year, many people have experienced fatigue, muscle aches, weakness, sleep problems and shortness of breath. Researchers say that without effective treatment, symptoms of chronic covid syndrome can also lead to new long-term problems.

What did the research find?
Researchers studied data from 2,320 participants to know the risk of long covid. In this multi-level investigation, the study found that 319 people had serious physical and mental health problems for more than a year. At the same time, cases of cognitive problems were seen in 179 people. In 645 people, mild mental and physical symptoms have been found for more than a year. Researchers say the severity of symptoms depends on several factors.


Study Conclusion
In the study's conclusion, the scientists said that obesity, lack of exercise, experiencing severe symptoms during infection and increased levels of the inflammatory biomarker C-reactive protein, can lead to severe symptoms of post-covid syndrome. The inflammatory biomarker interleukin-6 (IL-6) was found to have higher levels in those with severe and moderately symptomatic cognitive impairment reported. Even after recovering from the infection, people need to continue to take precautions.