Covid-19: Can Omicron variants cause serious long-term covid complications? This information came out in the study


Globally, due to the ongoing corona epidemic for more than two years, many types of health problems were seen. While the delta-like variants of Corona significantly increased lung and heart problems, the infectious rate of the Omicron variant, which is currently causing trouble, remains a cause for concern. Although very few cases of severe disease are being reported in Omicron infected people, its symptoms are mostly mild-moderate, although experts are taking all special precautions regarding the speed with which it is infecting people. recommend. Along with the disease caused by corona infection, the problems that persist after recovery from infection are posing new challenges for researchers.


In recent research, scientists have found that three out of 4 people who have been cured of the infection are seeing the problem of long covid even after a year. Most of the people are those who were victims of serious diseases during the infection or who already have problems with comorbidities. Thus, the question arises that since most cases of the Omicron variant are of mild symptoms, how high is the risk of post covid syndrome? Let us understand about this in further detail.

Low risk of long covid in Omicron infected
The results of research and survey to know the risk of Long Covid in the event of infection with the Omicron variant are of little relief. The data released by the researchers indicates that people who have been infected with Omicron and its sub-variants have a lower risk of chronic covid. While the problem of post covid has been seen for six months to a year in those infected due to Delta and other variants of Corona, these problems have not been seen for long in those infected with Omicron.

Lower risk than the Delta variant
To find out about this risk, recently released data by the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows the way the delta variant causes people to have longer covid symptoms compared to In the U.S., the risk of Omicron infection was found to be reduced by 49.7 percent.

Experts believe that in people who have taken two doses of the vaccine, the risk of both the severity of infection and the symptoms of long covid is being seen less than before. However, the researchers say that due to the way different sub-variants of Omicron are emerging, there is still a need for more detailed research to understand its danger.


Major contribution of vaccination
According to ONS data, while the risk of Long Covid was found to be 16 percent in the case of infection with the delta variant in people who had taken two doses of the vaccine, this figure came down to 9 percent in the case of BA.1 in Omicron's original form. Is. Health experts say that the way the studies so far were raising a lot of concern about Long Covid at the global level, there has definitely been some relief from the data found in Omicron infected among them.