Cough and Cold: Viral cough not going away in 2 days? Do not panic, listen to the expert..


Cough and Cold Remedies: Cough is common along with being viral. But the viral gets over in 2 days and the cough continues to bother me. This is seen more in young children. Parents keep giving antibiotics to the child when the cough is not cured, while its overdose can also harm the kidney or other organs. We take the help of cough syrup to cure a cold or cough, but still, this problem remains the same. Keeps maintained. Does this question come to everyone's mind how many days the cough should be cured?


How long is it normal for a cough to last?
Many researchers have come out that coughing for more than two weeks is a major symptom of TB. Pediatrician Dr Chhaya Shah has shared important information about this on social media. Experts say that viral gets cured in two days but the cough bothers for many days. According to Dr Chhaya, if the cough persists even for 18 days, then it is normal. This can be called post-viral cough and there is no need for antibiotics to cure it because the body's defence system tries to cure it naturally.

Two reasons for cough after viral
Experts say that there can be two reasons behind this. Firstly, whenever there is viral or phlegm in the body, the breathing system becomes sensitive and it may take some time to recover. However, coming in contact with dust or soil during this time acts as fuel in the fire. Another reason for this is the formation of mux. Mucus is made inside the nose to avoid dust or soil, but when it becomes viral, this system gets disturbed. In this case, it may take time to cure a cough.


Home remedies to cure cough
Take normal water steam three times a day to cure child or elder cough. Do not consume normal water even by mistake and instead make a habit of drinking lukewarm water.

If the cough is not going away for many days, then follow the method of eating herbs like liquorice.