Cooking Tips: Tips to remove the sweetness of Potatos, Know more...

Potato Cooking Tips: Potato means the king of vegetables. You can make potato by mixing it with any vegetable. Like potato-tomato, potato-okra and many other vegetables. Potato is such a vegetable that is used to make any vegetable more tasty. Many times when we bring vegetables from the market, in which some potatoes come out sweet, due to which many people do not like to eat these potatoes. In such a situation, in this article we are telling you what can be the remedies to remove the sweetness from potatoes.
To remove or reduce the sweetness of potatoes, put water, salt, and 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar in a large bowl. Now peel the potatoes and put them in it. After 1 to 2 hours, remove from water and dry it and make vegetables. The sweetness of potatoes will decrease. You can also add tomatoes to the vegetable.
Rock salt
With the help of rock salt, you can reduce the sweetness of potatoes. For this, take some hot water in a bucket and put rock salt in that water, after that take out the potatoes in it after 15-20 minutes and make vegetables. This will make your vegetable tasty and sweetness will also go away.
Use of lemon, orange, curd
Another way to reduce the sweetness of potatoes is to add some sour thing while making the vegetable. By doing this, the sweetness of potatoes is reduced to a great extent. For this you can mix orange, curd, lemon juice. Its advantage will be that your vegetable will become tasty and sweetness also goes away.
Baking soda
Apart from this, you can also reduce the sweetness of sweet potatoes with sweet soda. For this, peel the potato and cut it into slices. Mix water and sweet soda in a vessel, after that put the chopped potatoes in it. After some time you can use it for making vegetables.