Cooking Tips: These cooking tips will make breakfast instantly, know here...


Women in the house keep on cooking something for themselves and their family day and night. But if you are tired of working like this every day. So need to know some cooking tips. So that your life will also become a little easier and it will be ready in a few minutes as soon as you reach the kitchen. So let's know some special cooking tips, with the help of which the work from home to working moms will become easier.


Save the batter
If you are making dosa or idli on any Sunday or weekend. So the batter must have been saved. Which you will be busy finishing. But save this batter and keep it in the fridge. And whenever you want to make and feed something quickly, then increase the ingredients in it according to you and prepare it by making cheela, dosa, uttapam, and pancake.

The dough
Similarly, if roti flour is left, then keep it in the fridge. For kids, you can prepare dumplings or sweet parathas by adding dry fruits.

Keep some estate
You always make everything quickly and feed homemade food to the kids. But keep some instant food storage in the fridge. So that in the morning or evening, you can make some breakfast and eat it. There are many varieties of Instant Foods available in the market like Vermicelli Poha, Muesli, Oats, Maggi, Rolls, Tikki, and Mini Samosa.


Some tools are needed
If it is early in the morning then it also takes time to heat the water. In such a situation, make things like an electric kettle to the chopper, mix, induction, blender, and food processor a part of your kitchen. So that you can save your precious time.

Make the gravy first
If you are going to make spicy curry in the morning or at night. So prepare its gravy in advance and keep it in the fridge. It will go on smoothly for four to five days and you will prepare different vegetables on different days. Most restaurants prepare many vegetables in the same way as gravy.