Cooking Tips: Make food delicious with the help of these small cooking tips, know here...


Little cooking tips come in handy. They not only make it easy to prepare everyday meals. Rather, they get ready in less time. Sometimes food is prepared in such a hurry that it lacks taste. But if you follow these cooking tips. So the food prepared quickly will also be ready to be very tasty. So let's know what are those kitchen tips that will make your cooking work easier.


Temper the dal like this
If the daily tur ie yellow lentils seem pale to the family members. So to increase its test, first boil the lentils. Then fry in a pan with cumin, onion, tomato, green chili, and some garam masala. Then add boiled lentils to this tempering. This will double the taste of lentils and will be liked by everyone.

Salt gets too much
If there is more salt in your food, then keep in mind that salt is to be added last. After the vegetable is cooked or after the lentils are cooked, adding salt at the last will not add much salt and the taste will also increase.

Make Kheer Healthy
When the kheer is cooked, sugar is added to it. But if you want to make healthy kheer, then add jaggery in pieces for sweetness. This will also enhance the taste of kheer and it will also be beneficial for health. So if you like to eat sweets, then make kheer with jaggery and serve it comfortably. This will be beneficial for health.


Gram Flour is over
If the gram flour is over in the house and you want to make pakodas, then there is no need to run to the market. Besan can be prepared instantly by grinding the gram lentils kept at home in a grinder. And if there is time, then soak the gram dal for half an hour. Then grind them and make pakodas. Very tasty will be ready.
With the help of these small cooking tips, your kitchen will also be ready to be delicious.