Cooking Tips: Gravy will be thick without onion, use these things, know here...


Whenever there is a mention of spicy vegetables with gravy, every housewife starts seeing onions and tomatoes in her kitchen first. But many times it happens that onion runs out in the house. If you have to make any spicy vegetable in such a situation, then you can take help of these things. Spicy vegetable gravy can also be thickened with these ingredients kept in the kitchen. So let's know what is that material.


Curd and Fresh Cream
If curd and fresh cream are frozen in milk in the house, then there is nothing to worry about. With the help of these two, the gravy will also become thick and your vegetable will also get a good texture. Beat curd and a couple of spoons of fresh cream. Then put it in the vegetable. Then you will see that the texture of the vegetable has become thick.

Thicken the gravy with cashew paste
If you have run out of onions then you can thicken the gravy with cashews. Cashew paste gravy is often made in Shahi Paneer. To make the gravy, first cook the tomatoes, then add cashew paste and fry. On the other hand, if you want to enhance the taste, then first roast cashews in ghee. Then make a paste out of it. Doing so enhances the taste.


If you do not even have cashew nuts in your kitchen, then gravy can be made from peanuts if you want. Groundnut gravy will also become rich taste and will become thick. Dry roast the peanuts and remove the peel and make a paste. Then use it to make vegetables.
Along with this, you can also use mawa to thicken the gravy. With its help, the gravy can be thickened easily.