Cooking Tips: Follow these tips to add 'tadka' in vegetable, Everyone will like the taste....


Cooking Tips: Consumption of vegetables in food is an important part of the diet of all people. Where lentils help make food rich in nutrients. At the same time, the vegetable works to add flavor to the food. However, many times the vegetable does not become tasty even after lakhs of effort. In such a situation, with the help of some things, the test of the vegetable can be doubled. Many times people try hard to make the vegetable delicious. Despite this, it is often not possible for people to make vegetables tasty daily. However, making a tasty vegetable is not a difficult task either. Yes, you can easily double the taste of the vegetable by adding some natural things to the recipe while making the vegetable. So let's know the tips to make the vegetable tasty.

Make the vegetable tasty like this

Add Kasoori Fenugreek
Along with giving flavor to the vegetable, it helps increase the aroma. Many people use kasoori fenugreek to make vegetables and lentils delicious. For this, after preparing the vegetable, mash the kasoori fenugreek lightly and put it in the vegetable. This will make your vegetable very tasty.

Add garam masala
Many people use garam masala in their dishes. Let us tell you that garam masala is made from a mixture of many natural spices. Not only does this enhance the taste of the food, but the aroma of garam masala in the vegetable can also double your appetite.

Use curry leaves
Curry leaves are used a lot in South Indian dishes. However, if you want, you can also use curry leaves to make the vegetable tasty. Along with this, the consumption of curry leaves is also considered very beneficial for health. In such a situation, you can double the taste of the vegetable by adding a tempering of curry leaves.


Add big cardamom
Large cardamom, which gives the best flavor in food, is usually used to enhance the flavor of pulao. At the same time, to make the vegetable tasty, you can add big cardamom to the vegetable as a spice. With this, your regular vegetable will also become very tasty.