Cooking Tips: Follow these 5 tips to make soft and fluffy parathas, Here's the recipe....

Soft Paratha Tips: Who does not like parathas. Parathas are one of the most favorite breakfast options in North India. Aloo Paratha, Dal Paratha, Paneer Paratha and Tasty Paratha soaked in butter and curd or pickle are mixed with curd or pickle. However, as tasty and soft as these parathas seem, they have to work equally hard to make them. Making parathas is not an easy task, as it is very important to adopt the right method to make it. To make flaky and soft parathas, it is important to keep some things in mind. If you also like parathas and are not able to make them properly, then let us know some such tips, with the help of which you can make tasty, soft and puffed parathas.
Knead the dough well
To make soft and puffed paratha first and foremost it is important that the dough is well kneaded. Sieve the flour before using it and add lukewarm water while kneading the dough. Do not pour all the water at once, add little by little, as it can make things worse. If you make mistake in kneading the dough then the parathas will never become soft or puffy.
Cover the dough
After kneading the dough, apply some oil in it and cover it with a muslin cloth for at least 15 to 20 minutes, covering it will help in retaining the moisture in the dough. If the dough is not covered, the chances of drying it are high and in such a situation you will not get good results.
Add ghee to the flour
While kneading the dough for soft and puffed paratha, do not forget to add ghee and salt to it. If you have taken a cup of flour, then definitely add a tablespoon of melted ghee to it. Keep in mind that the ghee should not be too hot. Now mix some salt in it and mix it with the help of water. By doing this the dough will be ready perfect and the parathas will also become tasty and soft.
Mix yogurt
A good way to make completely soft and puffed parathas is by adding curd while kneading the dough. Keep in mind that you should use only fresh curd in the flour, because using old curd can change the taste of the paratha and give it a sour taste. By adding curd to the flour, the paratha remains soft even after cooling, it does not become hard.
Cook the parathas on the right flame
To make the parathas soft, it is very important to cook them on low flame only. If you cook the parathas on high flame then it can become hard like papad and you will not be able to eat them properly. The right way is that, let the tawa get hot first, after that spread ghee on it and spread it evenly and keep the paratha. Now cook the paratha from all sides and keep turning it from time to time.