Convert Old Saree In to Cigarette pants: - These 4 types of designer cigarette pants can be made from old saris, know-how


The wardrobes of women are full of sarees. Many of these sarees are such, which women do not like to wear or else the design of sarees becomes old. But the question is, what is the use of the saris kept in the wardrobes? So let us tell you that it is better to make some new outfits from these sarees than to consider them useless. 

Yes, if you also have many old saris, then you can make stylish cigarette pants from them because cigarette pants are not only easy to make but they also work to enhance your look. You can design simple cigarette pants as well as designer cigarette pants from saree. 

Designer cigarette pants


If you have a saree that you do not wear but it is new, then you can make designer cigarette pants out of it. Yes, it is very easy to make pants from a saree, you just have to use the saree in the right way. You can use the plain cloth of the sari under the pants and the gota on it. You will find many types of designs like- Net Cigarette Pants, Gotta Cigarette Pants etc. 

Lanyard cigarette pants

You can also design stringed cigarette pants from your old saree. In this, you will easily find many types of designs - like you will find cigarette pants tied with string or you will find many types of designs on pants made of string. You can prepare it according to your choice.

Net Cigarette Pants Design


You can design net cigarette pants from an old cotton saree because nowadays a lot of trends is being seen to wear net cigarette pants. Women can easily wear it from Kurtis to tops according to their choice. But if you want a traditional look, then wear it with a suit. 

Bell bottom cigarette pants


If your saree is long then you can make bell bottom pants by not designing simple pants from it. Because you can easily wear bell bottom pants with any outfit. Be it top, shirt, kurta or any other outfit etc. You can use the border of the saree or even the net to make pants. 

Apart from these pats, you will get many types of designs from your old saree, which you can select according to your own. 

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