Control Blood Sugar: Blood sugar will always be under control, just do this work at night!


Diabetic patients have to take extra care in all aspects of their daily lives. They have to pay a lot of attention to their diet and sleep. Today we are going to tell you what things to take care of at night can keep your sugar under control.

Diabetics should not consume caffeinated foods like tea, coffee, chocolate, and soda before sleeping at night. Because it doesn't make you sleep peacefully. Also, alcohol badly affects your sleep.


A little exercise or physical activity before bed helps. Taking a short walk before bed or after dinner helps stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the night.

Experts believe that adequate sleep is essential to control blood sugar levels. That's why it is necessary to take 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

Diabetics may experience frequent hunger pangs, especially at night. But avoid eating junk food, chips, salt, sweets, etc. when you are hungry. This can be troublesome for you.


It is better if you eat light food at night. This will help you get better sleep. Avoid eating heavy food at night and try to have an early dinner. Also stay away from phones, laptops, and TV an hour before sleeping.

According to Aaj Tak, it is necessary for diabetic patients to check their blood sugar levels before sleeping at night and after waking up in the morning.