Consumption of turmeric can prove to be dangerous for these people


How much turmeric to eat

To get the benefits of turmeric, you should consume one teaspoon of turmeric daily. But by consuming more turmeric than this, you may have to wash your hands from the place of benefit. Consuming more turmeric can also cause stomach problems and dizziness.


People who have frequent stones in their body, should always take turmeric only on the advice of the doctor. Turmeric contains oxalate. This oxalate binds to calcium at a recognizable location in the body. It is one of the leading causes of kidney stones, which can lead to calcium insoluble.

Thickening or vomiting

The curcumin present in turmeric often causes digestive problems. Its excessive consumption can lead to obesity or vomiting, but this problem occurs when you consume turmeric.


Diabetics need to pay special attention to their diet, there are not many things in the diet of diabetics, so if you are a diabetic then avoid excessive consumption of turmeric.