Comfort Food in Happiness: Women like this type of food more in tension, know the reason behind it


Comfort Food in Happiness: Whatever may be the occasion, every person corrects his mood by eating. Getting angry or having a fight with someone in the family is such a thing that improves everyone's mood. But have you ever thought that which is the number one dish that sets your mood right, the choice of both men and women is different? Let us tell you that people feel connected in relationships by eating comfort food. The feeling of belongingness increases in people only by eating. So, today in this article, we will tell you what people like to eat first when their mood is bad, due to which their mood becomes very light.


What do men and women like to eat on the occasion of happiness?
When there is an atmosphere of happiness in the family, then people like to eat khichdi as the most comfortable food in India. Yes, in research at the University of South Carolina, it has been found that most people in India like to eat khichdi comfortably at home. Khichdi is such a simple dish that people eat it very comfortably and with pleasure. Especially in winter, people add hot potatoes and peas and eat them together with the family.


Men eat their favourite food in happiness and women in stress!
Every country has its different types of comfort food depending on the culture and environment. Along with this, it has also been seen that in North America, pizza is eaten the most as a comfort food. Men like to eat more comfort food in the atmosphere of celebration, while women like to eat comfort food more under stress. When women are under stress, they order their favourite dish, however, after this, they also feel guilty, and are not very happy.