Cloves For Hair: If you want strong and long hair, use cloves, know how it is beneficial


Cloves Hair Benefits: Although cloves are used in spices, in Indonesia it has been used for centuries to cure stomach problems. Clove is used in many Chinese medicines and Ayurveda treatments for its anti-bacterial, antiviral, anaesthetic, anti-parasitic and antioxidant properties. But clove is also very beneficial for our hair. You may be surprised to hear this, but it plays a very important role in the growth of sales. Let us know how clove is beneficial for our hair.


Enhances hair growth
Cloves contain beta-carotene, which increases cells. Apart from this, vitamin K is found in cloves, which promotes blood circulation. Let us tell you that clove gives us this benefit indirectly. However, it is also said that Kelong is not scientifically very effective for hair growth. But according to research, cloves can be used for hair treatment and scalp disorders.

Hair gets stronger
Heat damage, stress (not combing properly) and bleaching can cause hair fall and breakage. Cloves can prevent hair breakage. Micronutrients manganese is found in it, which strengthens our hair and protects it from any kind of damage. The antioxidants found in cloves prevent premature greying of hair. Cloves contain the antioxidant eugenol, which may help prevent the oxidation of hair follicles.


Protects from itching
Cloves have been used for treating skin and scalp due to their antioxidant, antiviral and healing properties. Many people use clove oil to treat dandruff. Clove can treat the bacteria that cause dandruff, thereby helping to stop the itching.