Clothes Wash Tips: If the clothes do not shine, then follow these easy hacks, know here...


Easy hacks: It often happens that a new cloth starts looking old after a couple of washes. And if the color of the cloth is white, then the tension starts getting more due to its turning yellow. The risk of getting stains on these clothes is also high. The longer the clothes last, depends on the method of washing. In such a situation, here are some tips to tell you so that you will always be able to maintain the shine of your clothes.


Hacks for Glowing Clothes
 -First of all, use a good detergent to wash the clothes. And if there is too much delicate cloth, then wash it with liquid detergent.

-Let us tell you that detergent should be used in very small quantities. The more it is needed, otherwise, the clothes start getting spoiled.

-Always wash clothes that are going to be colored in reverse. At the same time, when put in the sun, spread it upside down. This will not fade the color of the cloth.


-One more thing, white clothes should never be washed with colored clothes. Due to this their color comes on it. Due to this your white dress or shirt gets spoiled. Therefore it is very important to take this precaution with a white cloth.