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Today we will tell you how you can know about your love horoscope through your date of birth. Your radix will help with this, you can also easily remove the radix.


For example, if your birth date is 24, then your radix will be 6. That is, adding 2 and 4 will get 6 numbers i.e. Radix 6

Let's know what is your radix according to your date of birth-

Radix 1-

If your date of birth is 1,10,19,28, then your radix will be 1.

Those whose radix is ​​1 are considered to be a born leader, and they want to use this quality on their partner as well, they know very well how to get their point across to their partner, but against this, they have to do something. To persuade is a very difficult task. As far as marriage is concerned, people of this radix prefer to marry their childhood friend. People with radix number 1 are more practical than romantic. These people are lovers of beauty. They like to remain single till they get their desired life partner. These people are of very dominating nature, but at the same time, they are loyal to their partner, as well as want a loyal partner for themselves.

Radix 2-

If your date of birth is 2, 11, 20, and 29, then your radix will be 2.

People with radix 2 are very sensitive, sensual, and moody. These people give more importance to an emotional relationship than physical relation, people of this radix are also very moody. These people do not break easily after adding a relationship. If it is about marriage, then they listen to their heart.

Radix 3 -


If your date of birth is 3, 21, 12, and 30, then your radix will be 3.

Unlike radix 3, they prefer to be practical instead of listening to their heart while choosing their partner. These people are self-obsessed. These people give more importance to careers than their relationships. They are of a very dominating nature, If they get a life partner of their choice, then their relationship goes very well.

Radix 4 -

If your date of birth is 3,4,13,1,22 then your radix will be 4.

Like Radix 3, romantics are also less. Sometimes people of this number are also involved in extramarital affairs, but they do not take these affairs till marriage and prefer to remain dedicated to their partner, and also to their partners about their affairs. People with radix number 4 are also very short-tempered. 

Radix 5–

If your date of birth is 5,14,23 then your radix will be 5.

These people are very choosy, so many stay in many relationships before marriage so that they can get the best partner. If so, then instead of listening to their heart, they prefer to make practical decisions, for them the life partner of number 8 is the best.

Radix 6 -

If your date of birth is 6,15,24 then your radix will be 6.

This radix represents Venus, which is considered the planet of love, sex, and romance. These people are very attractive, so more and more people are attracted to them. People of number 6 are also very emotional. Sometimes men with this number are attracted to more than one woman, but this happens only When he is not emotionally attached to his partner. These people are very sensitive.

Radix 7-

If your date of birth is 7,16,25 then your radix will be 7.

People of this radix prefer to dream more than to talk more, despite being romantic, people find it difficult to express their emotions. So if there is any misunderstanding, then they should discuss it openly with their partner. Most of the people of this number like to be loyal to their partner, and think of breaking the relationship only when there is a lot of estrangement.

Radix 8-

If your date of birth is 8,17,26 then your radix will be 8.

People of this radix are emotional as well as strong, but sometimes people fall prey to misunderstandings about them. These people listen to their hearts more than their minds and talk about profit and loss while building a relationship. They take a lot of time to get attached to someone but once they are in a relationship, they are very loyal. Barring the numbers 4 and 8, they can make a better rapport with all the radix people.

Radix 9-

If your date of birth is 9,18,27 then your birth number will be 9.

People with Radix 9 are very energetic, as well as a little eccentric. These people are more sensuous in comparison with other numbers. They can also be involved in extra-marital affairs, although they are emotionally attached to their family.