Cleaning Tips: Try these 3 remedies to clean the mixer jar, it will shine like new in five minutes..


How To Clean Mixer Grinder Jar: It is very difficult to make anything without a mixer in the kitchen. In daily life, sometimes we have to grind spices for vegetables and sometimes we have to make juice. By using all these things daily, its stains stick slowly in the jar. In this way, the jar also looks dirty and germs also start accumulating on it. In this case, you can use lemon peel, sanitiser and baking powder. Apart from this, you can also clean the jar with white vinegar. For this, take two spoons of vinegar with water and put that solution in the jar. After this turn on the mixer.


How to use lemon peel
Have you ever thought that lemon peel can also be used? If you want to clean the jar of the mixer, it can be done with this peel. First of all, wash the jar of the mixer with plain water. Now rub the peels on those parts of the jar where the stains remain. Leave it like this for some time and at last clean it with water.

Can use sanitiser
You can make the jar of the mixer as brand new with the sanitiser. Very few people know this hack. Put a little sanitiser in the jar and then close the lid and switch on the mixer, after that wash the jar with water. In this way, the jar of your mixer will be cleaned and the pungent smell will also go away.


Will be cleaned with baking powder
Stains can be removed with baking powder. This is a natural cleaner. To clean, take baking soda in a bowl and add some water to it and prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on both sides of the jar and leave it like this for some time. After this wash it with water. By doing this, the stains will be cleaned. The smell coming from the jar will also disappear.