Clapping: Clapping has amazing health benefits


Applause is associated with good work and success. Usually, people greet someone by clapping or clapping while performing the aarti of God. There is a total of 340 pressure points in our body. 29 of them are in our hands. 


According to experts, just by clapping one can get information about these pressure points and can benefit from pressure therapy. These pressure points are directly connected to different parts of the body. So clapping can give relief from pain.

Apply coconut oil, mustard oil, or both together on your hands. Now wear socks or leather shoes so that the energy generated by the body is not wasted. Now keep both hands straight and parallel to each other. Keep your hands a little loose.


Now clap According to experts, if this therapy is done in the morning then it is more beneficial. Clapping for 20 to 30 minutes in the morning will improve your health. For example, clapping improves blood circulation. It also clears dirt like bad cholesterol in the blood vessels.

Clapping helps in curing heart and lung problems like asthma. Get relief from back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. Arthritis can be prevented by clapping. Patients with low blood pressure should take the help of this therapy. 

Clapping is beneficial for digestive problems. Clapping improves children's performance and learning. Children who clap every day have no problem in writing. Children's brain works better by clapping. This therapy is beneficial to increase the immunity of the body and cure various diseases. Clapping for half an hour daily provides relief from arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, headache, cold, insomnia, hair fall, and problems related to the eyes.