Cirrhosis Disease: This disease will destroy the liver, Know how to protect yourself from it....


Liver Damage: The liver is an essential part of the body. Without it, it is difficult not only for digestion but also for many functions of the body. Nowadays an increase is being seen in the cases of liver damage. Once the liver is damaged then transplant is the only way out. There are many obstacles to this too. The liver is not easily available and even if available, it costs a lot to transplant it. Cirrhosis is the main cause of liver damage. In cirrhosis, healthy tissue starts to die from the liver. Due to this, protein is also not made in the liver and the liver gets damaged.


Symptoms of cirrhosis
Many symptoms appear in the last stage of cirrhosis. Symptoms of cirrhosis include fatigue, weakness, dizziness, nausea, itching of the eyes and skin, weight loss, swelling of the legs, stoppage of periods, redness of the palms, and bulging veins...

Drink wine
Alcohol is poison for the liver. Alcohol causes extra fat to build up in the liver, which increases the risk of cirrhosis. If you want to keep the liver healthy, then you should give up alcohol.

Obesity means extra fat in the body. Due to extra fat in the liver, the risk of damage increases. To keep the liver healthy, it is necessary to reduce weight.

Outside food
Unhealthy food is dangerous for the liver. Digestion of such food is also difficult. Healthy food is necessary to keep the liver healthy.

Physical relation
Unprotected physical relation increases the risk of hepatitis. Hepatitis causes cirrhosis. If you want to avoid hepatitis and cirrhosis, then such relationships should be avoided.


Supplements taken in many diseases can prove to be dangerous for the liver. Do not take supplements without a doctor's advice. They damage the liver.