Cholesterol Symptoms: When these parts of the body start suffering! then understand that cholesterol has increased


Bad Cholesterol Level: It is very important to reduce cholesterol otherwise there will be the risk of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attack which is not good for health at all. 



Warning Sign Of High Cholesterol: Most of us know that if the amount of bad cholesterol in the body increases excessively, then it can prove to be very harmful to health, as well as such conditions for the heart. are not good. When the level of bad cholesterol is low, it cannot be done without testing, but when it starts increasing beyond the limit, then many parts of the body start giving its signals. It is better that you do not ignore these warning signs and be alert in time. 

Such changes are seen in the body when bad cholesterol increases

1. Cold feet

It is common for the feet to become cold in the winter season, but if it starts happening in the summer too, then do not make the mistake of ignoring it at all. Your bad cholesterol level has increased, and now you need to go to the doctor has come.

2. Skin-Nail Color Change

The effect of increasing Bad Cholesterol in the body is visible on your skin and nails, and their color starts changing. This happens because there is a lack of blood in those parts.

3. Pain in the lowest parts of the body

When the level of bad cholesterol increases in the body, cramps start in the feet, fingers, and heels and the pain starts increasing during the night. Whenever such a situation arises, understanding the danger, get a health checkup done as soon as possible.

4. Feeling tired

It is very normal to feel tired after physical activities, but if you are getting tired quickly, then do not take this gesture lightly, as it is a sign of increasing bad cholesterol in the body. 

Cholesterol will be reduced by eating these things


Dr. Ayushi Yadav, a well-known dietician working at GIMS Hospital, Greater Noida, told that people who are suffering from high cholesterol should eat spinach, broccoli, tinda, bottle gourd, and bitter gourd, mushroom, and kundru, this will prevent diabetes and Heart patient will benefit.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. We do not confirm this.)