Chocolate ice cream Recipe: Chocolate ice cream is very easy to make, learn how to make it...


If you want to make chocolate ice cream at home, then it is very easy to make. This ice cream is prepared without any extra effort. So let's know what is the method of making chocolate ice cream.

Ingredients for Chocolate Ice Cream
Only three things will be needed to make chocolate ice cream. Which includes two hundred and fifty grams of whipped cream or cream of dairy. Along with one and a half cups of condensed milk, two teaspoons of cocoa powder, fifty grams of roasted almonds, chocolate chips, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.


How to make Chocolate Ice Cream
It does not take much effort to make chocolate ice cream. Just whip the cream. Use a blender if you want to whip the cream. Or you can also beat it well with your hands. As soon as the cream is whipped, it will start appearing fluffy and in more quantity. Just then other ingredients can be added to it. Then take condensed milk to another bowl. Sieve cocoa powder in it and add it. Mix condensed milk and cocoa powder. Also, add two spoons of cream together. After mixing these three things well, add the remaining whipped cream and mix it.


Now mix cinnamon and choco chips with chopped roasted almonds on top. Then put the ice cream in a bowl to set and keep it in the deep freezer for eight to ten hours. Just when this ice cream gets completely frozen, take it out and serve it in a bowl by adding desired dry fruits on top. Kids will love this homemade ice cream.