Chocolate Balls Recipe: Make chocolate balls without an oven, know the method here...


Chocolate Balls Recipe: Everyone likes to eat chocolate from children to elders. So let's know such a dish made of chocolate. Which does not need to be baked or cooked. Chocolate balls will be ready in just minutes. How to make Chocolate Balls.


Ingredients for Chocolate Balls
Chocolate balls can be prepared in minutes without any extra effort Or take Oreo biscuits. It tastes a bit different), along with grated coconut or coconut powder, five to six teaspoons of condensed milk, and five to six teaspoons of milk.

How to make Chocolate Balls
First of all, take a deep-bottomed vessel. So that there is no problem in mixing all the ingredients. Now take five to six spoons of condensed milk in this bowl. You want to prepare condensed milk at home. Or you can also take condensed milk made from the market. Just use sugar keeping in mind the sweetness of both of them. If you want to eat more sweet, then grind the sugar and use it.


Pour milk with condensed milk into a bowl. Together, crush the cocoa powder and the desired biscuits for the children and mix them. Also, add a little bit of coconut powder. If you do not like the taste of coconut, you can remove it. Rather add dry fruits along with it. Which include cashew, almond, peanut, or pistachio. Now mix all these things well with the help of hands. So that no one gets lumped in it. Now prepare small balls of all these things. And keep them wrapped in butter paper. You can enjoy these chocolate balls with children for about three to four days.