Children's Day 2022: On Children's Day, give the gift of a chocolate fruit cup to 'Bachcha Party', know how to make..


If this Children's Day you are inviting children as well as their friends to have a party at home and have fun. So make them with your own hands and feed them a chocolate fruit cup. Which is tasty due to the taste of chocolate as well as healthy due to the fruits. So let's know how to prepare a chocolate fruit cup.


Ingredients to make Chocolate Fruit Cups
Dark chocolate or child's favorite chocolate, apple, grapes, kiwi, black grapes, pineapple, with desired fruit, fresh cream or whipped cream, mint.

How to make Chocolate Fruit Cups
Making this dessert is very easy. Simply heat the chocolate for ten to fifteen minutes. So that it melts. Then let it cool down to normal room temperature. Get silicone molds from the market. Put the chocolate in these molds and let it cool. Put it in the freezer.

Now cut all the fruits. Cut the grapes in half as well. Cut the apple and kiwi into small pieces. Cut the pineapple into cubes as well. Beat the fresh cream well by adding powdered sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence. Or buy ready-made whipped cream from the market. Fill it in a piping bag. Take out the molds from the freezer. Take out the chocolate from these molds.


When taken out, they will remain exactly the size of the bowl. Simply fill these chocolate bowls with cream with the help of a piping bag. Then place all the fruits on it. Apply a layer of more cream on top of the fruits. Decorate the top with chocolate colorful gems or colorful toffees. Delicious chocolaty fruit cup is ready, serve it immediately.