Child Care Tips:-Teach kids how to handle peer pressure


As children grow, their nature also changes. At a young age, the child is confined to his parents and family only. But when he comes out of the house and forms a group of his own, he feels some kind of Peer Pressure. Every child has felt it at some point or the other. At this age, the child needs an identity and popularity in the group and such a situation; he is ready to do anything.

However, it is also necessary to understand here that peer pressure acts on the child in both negative and positive ways. All that is needed is how the child handles peer pressure. Maybe your child is also going through a similar situation these days. So to help him, you can adopt these methods-


Explain about friendship

One of the easiest and most effective ways to help your child handle peer pressure is to teach them the meaning of true friendship. If your child's friend is pressuring him to do something dangerous or wrong, or if the child is just being used in the group, then he cannot be his friend. 

You can explain this to him by giving some examples. When the child can understand this, then he will make friends with the right children and then he will not face any kind of pressure in that group.

Teach Peer Pressure to Take Positively

If the child is feeling under pressure in the group, then do so with his help and help him to take this pressure positively. Your child may not get value among friends. But in such a situation, you stop him from doing wrong things. Rather, make him understand that he should do something so that not only the group, but the children of the whole school like to talk to him and make friends. He can become famous throughout the school through some extra activity and then he will get popularity that he might not have imagined. That's how you can turn his frustration into excitement.


Become friends 

Sometimes it happens that children find themselves alone in the house and hence it becomes necessary for them to make friends. He just wants to remove this loneliness and hence agrees to befriend anyone. But later, peer pressure in the group leads them to negativity. So, to avoid this situation, you should always try to be their friend. A friend with whom children can easily share every good and bad thing in their minds.

Take expert help

If you are noticing that it is becoming very difficult for the child to handle peer pressure and his behaviour is constantly changing. This means that peer pressure is leaving an effect on your child's mind and brain. In such a situation, you should take the help of an expert or child psychologist to help him. He will take away this pressure from your child's mind to a great extent.

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