Chapped Lips: Not only weather but this is also a major reason for chapped lips, know how to protect..


Lip Care Tips: Cracking of hands and feet is common in winter. Due to dryness in the changing season, the skin starts cracking. Cracking of skin due to cold does not mean that it cracks only because of cold, but some nutrients present in the body can also become the cause of chapped lips. That's why no matter how much lip balm you apply from outside, it is difficult to stop chapped lips. Let us know the deficiency and excess of which nutrients, in the lips crack and how can we avoid this problem.


Excess of vitamin A
Every nutrient is necessary for the body, but an excess of anything is bad. Vitamin A is essential for the skin, but due to its excessive amount, the lips can crack.

Vitamin B2 Deficiency
If the skin is to be kept healthy, then it is very important to have the right amount of Vitamin B2 i.e. Riboflavin in the body. Eggs, beans, nuts and green vegetables can fulfil the deficiency of vitamin B2 and prevent chapped lips.

Vitamin B3 Deficiency
Vitamin B3 deficiency causes skin dryness. This skin disease can also become the cause of dermatitis. To meet the deficiency of Vitamin B3, green vegetables, dairy products and healthy grains should be consumed. Vitamin B3 is present in good quantities in tuna and poultry.

Vitamin B6 Deficiency
Vitamin B6 is essential to keep the skin moisturized. If its deficiency is to be avoided, then it is necessary to include whole grains and legumes in the diet.


Zinc deficiency
Zinc deficiency in the body can also cause skin dryness. To meet the deficiency of zinc, start eating whole grains.