Chanakya-Niti-motivational : who should give his money


It is better to abandon a friend who talks softly in front of you and spoils your work behind your back. It is like a vessel whose upper part is covered with milk, but the inside is full of poison.

The same householder is happy, whose children obey his orders, it is also the duty of the father to take care of the sons well.

Such a person cannot be called a friend, who cannot be trusted and such a wife is useless and does not get any kind of happiness.

The earth is subdued by the power of truth. It is the power of truth that gives brightness to the sun and velocity to the wind. Actually, everything depends on the truth

O, wise people! Give your money to those who deserve it and no one else.

The water of the sea taken by the clouds is always sweet. If someone has a good nature then what is the need for any quality?

If a man has fame, then why does he need any other singer?