Chanakya Niti: Check these habits in your partner before marriage for a happy married life


Acharya Chanakya has mentioned things related to almost every field in Niti Shastra. A lot has been told about relationships, money, business, education, etc. On the basis of these policies, Acharya made a simple child Chandragupta an emperor. People follow the policies of Acharya Chanakya even today.

By following these policies, a person can make his life successful. Acharya Chanakya has also mentioned some such things that a person should know about his partner before marriage. Should be tested. Let's know which are these things.

Varayet Kuljan Pragyo Virupampi Kanyakam. Rupshilan na nichasya marriage: Sadrshe Kule. In this verse, Chanakya tests the life partner on religion, patience, sanskar, contentment, anger, and sweet speech.

According to Acharya Chanakya, you can make anyone your own with a sweet speech. This keeps happiness in the house. Relationships between people are very deep. But a person who speaks bitter words all the time can ruin your life.

According to Acharya Chanakya, definitely know about the partner whether he gives importance to the work of religion and karma. People who are religious never forget their dignity. Such people remain devoted to their families.

According to Acharya Chanakya, marrying a cultured person makes your life like heaven. Having such a partner saves many generations.

According to Acharya Chanakya, anger is considered to be the biggest enemy of a person. Due to this, relationships get sour. An angry person loses the power to think and understand. That's why you should check this thing before marriage. 

According to Acharya Chanakya, it is very important to have restraint and patience in a person. Before marriage, the sense of patience must be tested in your partner. With this, you can save your family from every difficulty. Such people are very wise in difficult times. also, decide.