Chakrata tour: To chill in the summer, visit the hill station ‘Chakrata’, do not forget to do these things here


Chakrata tour: Uttarakhand (Uttrakhand tourist places) is considered to be the best destination in terms of travel. There are many such hill stations where you can catch the best moments with family and friends. We are going to tell you about Chakrata, the hill station of Dehradun.

You can chill even in summer at Chakrata, the hill station of Dehradun. It is a different fun to roam in Chakrata, nestled amidst beautiful waterfalls and greenery. Take a look at the beautiful views of the places here…

Tiger Fall: Tiger Fall present in Chakrata is situated amidst greenery filled with trees and plants. The sight of water falling from a waterfall in a small pond is mesmerizing. If you are confused, then definitely see the Tiger Fall located near it.


Festivals of Chakrata: A special and religious thing is associated with this place. Almost every month some festival is celebrated here. According to reports, some festivals are celebrated here in January, Artho in March, Sankranti in April, Khanda Sankranti in May, and other months also. You can also be a part of the celebration during the trip.


Camping and River Rafting: You can enjoy not only camping but also river rafting in Kanasar, located in Chakrata. Also, a rock climbing facility is also provided here. If you are an adventure sports lover, then the place can prove to be the best option.


Devban Bird Watching: This is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Chakrata, where you can see the beautiful views of nature. It is about 13 km from Chakrata. It is a bit difficult to reach here, but after reaching the destination, the matter of enjoying here is different.