Caution: Do you also consume these four things before sleeping at night? These can cause serious damage to health


For a healthy body it is necessary that you take a good and healthy diet. Include all those things in your diet, which are full of nutrients. In today's time it is generally seen that people do not pay much attention to their food and consume anything in the name of food. Due to this, they do not have advantages, but on the contrary, there are many disadvantages. On the other hand, people also consume a lot of outside food instead of eating at home, which also serves to make them a victim of serious diseases. But do you know that whatever you eat at night can spoil your health? Probably not, so let us tell you about those things which can cause problems for you by consuming them at night. You can learn more about this in the next slides...


Orange juice
Many people drink juice before sleeping at night. Drinking juice is not wrong, but orange juice water just before sleeping at night can harm you. Actually, after sleeping at night, it is not digested and acid is formed from it in the body. You can eat straight fruit instead.

Avoid consuming coffee at night, as its consumption can make you sleepy. At the same time, people who drink coffee daily at night, it does not make them sleepy and then due to this they can even become ill.

Most of the people have a habit that they go to drink soda after dinner. While it is important to know that consuming soda or its powder can cause stomach upset.


Although fast food is not considered right for our health at all, but if you consume pizza during the night. So you should avoid doing this, because its consumption can cause stomach upset and due to not doing any activity at night, your obesity also increases.

Note: Priya Pandey is qualified and experienced Dietician (Dietician). He joined CSJM of Kanpur. B.Sc in Human Nutrition from University has done. He has worked as Dietician in Abha Super Specialty Hospital, Kanpur. He has also participated in GSVM Medical College as the representative of the subject of nutrition lectures. He has a long experience of 8 years in this field.