Caffeine Side Effects: These changes come in the body after leaving tea and coffee for a month, you will also be surprised


For many people in India but all over the world, the day does not start until they have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. People consume this drink several times a day. There is no dearth of drinkers for this hot drink, but tea and coffee are also not good for our health as they contain caffeine, which causes problems.

If people are asked to give up tea and coffee for a few days, it seems almost impossible, because people are used to it. So let's know what kind of changes will happen in the body if a person gives up tea or coffee for a month.

Drinking tea and coffee gives us temporary relief from fatigue to some extent but it also increases blood pressure. Which is not a good thing. Both of these substances contain caffeine. Therefore, if you stop drinking tea or coffee for a month, then your blood pressure will remain under control and the problem of high BP will go away.


Quitting tea will have a positive effect on your health. Remember how many hours you used to sleep as a child. Your sleep may improve within a week of deciding to give up tea and coffee. You can feel improvement in health within a month. Hot things like tea and coffee are very harmful for our teeth. If you stop drinking tea and coffee for a month, you can save your teeth from major damage and then they will start whitening.