Butterfly Forest in India: - Have you heard about this famous butterfly forest located in South India? Make a plan to visit once


Seeing beautiful and extinct birds fills my heart. Perhaps you too must be happy to give to extinct birds. Everyone's heart wants to fly in the sky, seeing the way the bird flies in the sky while weaving the story of dreams in its tune. Now just imagine that when thousands of different types of butterflies are found together in one place, then who would not want to see it. Yes, thousands of butterflies are found in the Butterfly Forest present in South India. In this article, we are going to tell you about this butterfly forest present in South India.

Let's know. About Butterfly Forest


The butterfly forest about which we are talking to you is present in the city of Karnataka in South India. It is one of the densest forests in South India. This dense forest spread over Kodagu, Malnad and Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka. It is said that whoever reaches to roam in this forest, goes back home only after roaming in this forest for a whole day. You can see not only thousands of butterflies but also thousands of types of birds in this forest.

What is the name, Butterfly Forest?

Let us tell you that the Butterfly Forest of Karnataka is famous as 'BisleGhat'. Many types of butterflies are found in this dense forest spread in the western part of Karnataka. Due to the river being in the middle of the dense forests, migratory butterflies are also seen here during the monsoon. It is said that there are butterflies like Common Castor, Common Glass Yellow, Common Jay, Plain Tiger, Spotted Parrot, Line Blue, Balka Parrot, Dingy Swift etc. in this forest.

Enjoy these activities

You can also enjoy many fun activities in this beautiful forest. Many people like to travel by motorcycle or car in the middle of this dense forest. There are many streams of water in this dense forest, which thousands of tourists keep reaching to see. One can also enjoy trekking inside this forest. There are also many viewpoints in BisleGhat that you can visit. Let us tell you that this forest is also quite famous as a picnic spot. 


When to go?

Walking in BisleGhat is no less than a paradise. Especially for those people who love nature, they can make their greenery and forest their own. It is said that the best time to visit this valley is during the monsoon. Not only butterflies but migratory birds as well as unique trees and plants can also be seen here. In such a situation, if you are a nature lover and love monsoon holidays, then you must visit BisleGhat.

How to reach?

Let us tell you that this forest is located in Sakleshpur of Hassan district of Karnataka. You can reach Sakleshpur by taking a local taxi or local bus. Apart from this, BisleGhat is about 250 km from Bengaluru. In such a situation, you can also go from Bangalore to roam here. Let us tell you that the nearest to this forest is Sakleshpur Railway Station. 

Image Credit:(@sutterstocks,bisleghat)


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