Butterfly Forest In India: The beauty of India's Butterfly Forest will fascinate the mind, know the details here...


If you want to enjoy all three of the naturalness, relaxation, and fun in the plains, then you can plan to visit a forest. People often visit Dudhwa National Park, Jim Corbett, Katarnia Ghat, etc. to visit the places. But there is also a beautiful butterfly forest in India, where thousands of butterflies are in front of your eyes. Apart from this, one gets to spend time amidst the chirping of birds and greenery. Let's know about the most beautiful butterfly forest in India.


Where is Butterfly Forest?
Butterfly forest is present in the city of Karnataka in South India. South India is famous for its dense forests and greenery. In such a situation, dense forests are spread here in Kodagu, Malnad, and Dakshina Kannada of Karnataka. Those who come to roam in this forest like to spend the whole day here and return in the evening after spending a relaxing moment in the beautiful and peaceful environment.

Name of Butterfly Forest?
The name of the famous Butterfly Forest of Karnataka is 'Bisle Ghat'. The specialty of the Bisle Ghat forest spread in western Karnataka is that thousands of butterflies are found here. Migratory butterflies are seen in this dense forest during monsoon.
butterfly forest

Specialties of Bisle Ghat
Varieties of butterflies such as Common Castor, Common Glass Yellow, Common Jay, Plain Tiger, Spotted Parrot, Line Blue, Balka Parrot, Dingy Swift, etc. are present in this forest. Apart from this, thousands of birds can also be seen in the forest. The river passes through unique trees and greenery in the forest.

Other activities in the jungle
You can also enjoy many fun activities in the Bisle Ghat Butterfly Jungle. Here you can travel through the forest by motorcycle or car. Many streams of water originate from here. So you can enjoy trekking as well. There are also many viewpoints in the forest. Thousands of tourists come to the Bisle Ghat for a holiday.


When to visit Butterfly Forest
If you love nature, who can reach this lush green forest to spend a relaxing moment. The best time to visit Bisle Ghat is during the rainy season. In monsoon, you can see not only butterflies but also migratory birds in this valley.

How to reach Butterfly Forest
The Bisale Ghat forest is present in the Sakleshpur region in Hassan district of Karnataka. You can come by Sakleshpur bus or train to reach here. Local taxis and local buses also ply from Sakleshpur to Bisale Ghat. If you want, you can take a direct journey from Bangalore to Bisle Ghat, whose distance is 250 kilometers.