Burning In Stomach: Eating spicy or non-veg on weekends is causing stomach irritation, so follow these home remedies..


Stomach Burning Problem: People mostly eat outside on weekends. Some people are fond of non-veg food, some people eat pizza-burger. Excess oil, spicy food and unhealthy food outside often lead to stomach irritation and acidity problem the next day. Heavy food is not easily digested in this season. In non-veg oil, spices are also sufficient and it takes more than 48 hours to digest it, when the food is not digested for such a long time, then heaviness, burning and acidity starts in the stomach. If you also face such problem, then you can get relief by adopting some home remedies.


Home remedies to soothe stomach irritation
1- Fennel- If you are having problems of heat, burning or acidity in the stomach, then use fennel for this. Fennel is cooling in effect, which calms the burning sensation in the stomach. Eating fennel also provides relief in gas, acidity.
2- Green cardamom- Green cardamom not only enhances the taste of food, but it also removes stomach heat due to its cooling effect. By eating cardamom, the heat of the stomach, burning acidity is pacified. If the acid becomes more, then definitely eat cardamom.

3- Mint- To remove the heat in the stomach, definitely consume mint. In summer, mint reduces stomach heat, burning and acidity. The anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties found in it help in digestion of food.
4- Basil- To calm the burning sensation of the stomach, you should consume basil leaves. This increases water and fluid in the stomach. Basil helps in digestion of spicy food. It also makes less acid.
5- Cold milk- You can drink cold milk to reduce the burning sensation in the stomach immediately. This will also give relief in acidity. You drink 1 cup of cold milk mixed with half a cup of water. This will cool the stomach.