Bridal Skin Care Tips: If marriage is going to happen soon, do this work from diet to skin care


Wedding season has started. In such a situation, if your marriage is also going to happen in a few days, then definitely follow these tips. In the preparations for the wedding, girls take full care of everything from clothes to jewelery and accessories. But along with makeup and jewellery, it is also important to take care of skin and diet. Otherwise, there are breakouts on the face in the last days. No matter how much makeup you put on, but those acnes are not hidden. Do not face any such breakouts on the wedding day. So a month in advance, start diet and skin care in this way.


Weight control
On the wedding day, girls often compromise on food in order to wear their favorite lehenga and have a perfect figure. If you are going to get married then take special care of your diet. Otherwise the glow of the face will also be lost.
If you are taking care of diet. So drink plenty of water along with juicy fruits. This will flush out the toxins from the body. Due to which it will help to slim your body and glow will be seen on the face. Because staying hydrated makes the skin glow.

If acne comes out due to tension, that is, breakouts occur. So stop eating sugar a few days before the wedding. Even if there is a lot of sweets in the wedding house. But you have to stay away from sugar. Along with this, instead of rice and bread, eat brown rice and brown bread.

Junk food
About a month before the wedding, call junk food boy boy. If you do not want any kind of acne on your face on the wedding day, then forget about eating outside till the wedding. This helps in preventing acne on the skin. The amount of oil is high in outside food and junk food. Along with increasing fat, they also have side effects on the skin.


Lemon water
If you want glow in the skin, then before makeup, make the skin healthy from inside. For this, along with drinking water, drink lemonade and honey mixed in the morning. It cleans the body from inside. Due to which you will look most beautiful on the most special day of life.