Bridal Nath Designs: - According to the shape of the face, choose a bridal nath like this

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The Nath is very important for a bride. It is a sign of her love and at the same time adds beauty to your bridal wear. Now imagine how you would feel if you were looking perfect from top to bottom and just because of a nath, you started showing lack on your face?

While wearing bridal nath, most of us girls ignore the shape of our face and take any kind of nath in a hurry. You will be able to choose the right bridal knot only when you know the right shape of your face.

If your face is round, what kind of nath you should wear, if it is small, then it is very important to know what kind of nath. Let us then tell you what kind of nose will be beautiful on which type of face.

1- Small nose on a round face 


The features of women with round faces are not known. Such a shape also makes you look heavy and in such a situation, if you wear the wrong jewellery, then you can look more chubby and heavy. Girls with such faces should not wear big Nath. The low embellished minimalist knot looks great on a round face. Choose an embellished nostril that points down instead of to the side. Such a nath will reduce the roundness of your face and add length to it. Also, the layer should not be attached to the chain nut. It will also make your face look round and heavy.

2- Medium size nose on a square face

Women with a square shape have a sharper jawline and cheekbones. It defines the face and hence your facial jewellery should be like this, then give a soft look to your face. While choosing a nath, it should be kept in mind that you should take a medium size nath, which has half embellishment. Apart from this, if you are choosing a big nath, then there should not be any heavy work or embellishment in it. Also, keep in mind that the nath has either a very thin chain or no chain at all so that your face does not get too wide.

3- Big nose on the oval face


Oval face or oblong face is such that everything looks good on it. The oval face is very symmetrical and hence you can do many experiments with your facial jewellery. A big nath looks great in such a shape. If you are afraid that the nose ring is hiding your lips, then go for a medium-sized one. The chain attached with the nath also adds a special feature to your face. You can experiment with all kinds of embellishments. 

4- Big nose on heart shape face

If your face shape is in the shape of a heart, then obviously your forehead will be big and your chin pointed. These features make your face special. In such a face, both small and big Nath will look good, but with heavy embellishment, big nath removes the attention from your forehead. Don't choose a nose ring that makes your face appear smaller. Your bridal knuckle should be such that it highlights your jawline. Thin nath with a bead also looks great on such a face.

Medium size nose on the 5-diamond face

If your face shape is diamond, your cheekbones should stand out in facial features. That's why you should wear jewellery that enhances your feature rather than suppressing them and doesn't make your cheekbones too visible. Women with such a face also have a sharp nose, so avoid choosing a nose that is too big. It brings more attention to your cheeks. The traditional nathni which is slightly twisted will also look beautiful on your face. A small diameter embellished nath( this is how the bridal nath is 'personalised' ) showcases your features well.

Now you can measure your face shape and choose the best bridal knot for yourself. With a twist of traditional and modern, this nath will enhance your look and facial features. 

We hope you liked this information. 

Image Credit :Instagram@mouniroy, k4fashion & google


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