Bridal Care Tips: If there are 7 days left for marriage, then do this work, the bride's face will show amazing light


Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on the wedding day. For this she makes all efforts. From jewelry, clothes to makeup, every effort is made to make everything look perfect. From Mehndi, Sangeet to wedding ceremony, the girl wants her face to shine. For this, she also starts preparing for a long time. But to prepare for the special day, it is necessary to do these things along with makeup and jewellery. Otherwise, fatigue and stress will be clearly visible on the face and the face will look pale on the wedding day. So let's know that special beauty routine that every bride should start at least seven days before the wedding.


Even though the occasion of marriage is full of happiness. But at the same time, many questions keep running in the mind of the girl. Because of which she gets stressed. At the same time, this tension starts showing on the face till the wedding day. Do not keep any kind of unwanted tension in mind. Also, keep the mind calm with the help of yoga and meditation. Meditation done daily in the morning will help in bringing a natural glow on the face. So, do meditation for only fifteen minutes every day.

There is no proper sleep in the midst of wedding preparations. Then there is less sleep between the wedding function and the celebration. But if you are going to become a bride, then take full care of your sleep. Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep. Due to sleep, the face will look fresh and glowing. Otherwise, dark circles will appear around the eyes. At the same time, the eyes will also look tired. Due to which tiredness and paleness can appear on the face.
A week before the wedding, call the outside food Tata Boy. There is a possibility of stomach upset due to junk food. Due to which acne and pimples can come out on the face. So do not eat junk food a few days before your special wedding day.


If you want to relax yourself, then take a massage in the hair along with sleep and meditation. Massage taken in the scalp of the hair not only improves the health of the hair. Rather, it also relieves stress. Therefore, as soon as you get a chance, take a professional hair massage in your hair. It is very effective and you will definitely see its result.