Breast Care Guide: Know the ABC of breast care according to age, so that there is no risk of breast cancer..


Changing lifestyle, wrong eating habits, inactive lifestyle, and increasing chemical exposure are many reasons, why the risk of breast cancer has increased in women at a young age nowadays. But if the breast is taken care of properly at every age, then the risk of breast cancer can be avoided. Let us know what should be done for breast care at what age.


20 years
Breast shape is attractive at this age. It also has more tightness.

What to wear
-Wear a breast supportive bra during the day.
-Wear a sports bra while exercising.
-breast cancer risk
-The risk of breast cancer is low at this age. Only 4 out of 100 women are in the risk zone.

30 years
Breast size increases in pregnancy and stretch marks also appear. It would be better to keep the weight under control by exercising after pregnancy.

What to wear
-Wear a maternity bra till you are breastfeeding.
-Wear a supportive bra afterward.
-breast cancer risk
-6 out of 100 women are in the risk zone.

40 years
As we age, the lobules and milk glands of the breast shrink, causing the breasts to sag and hang.

What to wear
-Wear a pushup bra. This will show the tightening in the breast.
-If you want permanent treatment, then you can get a surgical breast lift done.
-Breast cancer risk
-The risk factor increases at this age. 28 out of 100 are at risk.

How to do a breast examination?
Do your breast test after your period. Get tested by a gynecologist once a year.

Get the first mammogram done at the age of 40. After that get it done every other year.
If your mother or sister had breast cancer, then get a mammogram done at the age of 35.

Breast size
asymmetric breast
It is often seen that one breast is larger than the other breast. It is normal for this to happen. Like other parts of the body, both breasts also develop separately. Both breasts respond differently to different hormones, due to which the amount of tissue and fat in both breasts is also different, so one breast may be larger than the other.

If suddenly one breast starts getting bigger than the other, contact the doctor immediately. It can be a symptom of infection or tumor


Odd breast
If the shape of your breast is sharp, round, and flat, then there is nothing to worry about it. Breast size depends on women's body type and heredity.

Also, keep in mind that no breast is completely soft and supple. Lumps are found in it. Some breast types are called fibrocystic breasts. There are a lot of lumps in it, but this is considered normal.

Nipple size
In many women, the nipples are pressed inwards, while in some they are turned outwards. Their size is also genetic. 5% of women have inverted nipples. If you feel that there is a sudden change in the size of the nipples, contact the doctor immediately.