Breakfast Tips: Try these no-cook recipes for breakfast, many health problems will remain away!


Most people try to follow the best routine to lose weight and stay fit. In this, they try many ways, one of which is skipping breakfast nowadays. Experts and doctors say that we should avoid making the mistake of not having breakfast continuously. It is believed that those who do this soon become victims of serious diseases like diabetesEven if you make a habit of eating fewer meals at dinner, breakfast should always be heavy. Actually, there are most people like to eat light food for weight loss, but many times the option of oily or cooked food is available in front them. Because of this, they skip breakfast and they do this not once but many times.

If you are looking for some no-cook breakfast options, we can help you with that. Here we are going to tell you about some of the best breakfast recipes with no cook, which are healthy as well as tasty. Learn about them.


Peanut Butter Toast

Protein-rich peanut butter is loaded with many nutrients and its taste is so wonderful that even children eat it with great passion. Spread peanut butter easily available in the market on bread and consume it for breakfast. By eating this healthy and non-cooked breakfast, your stomach will be full for a long time and you will be able to avoid food cravings. In this way weight loss will also help.

Bowl of cornflakes

The option of cornflakes and milk has been the best for a healthy breakfast. You can have breakfast in this cereal with nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamins thrice a week. This is a kind of heavy breakfast, which saves you from food cravings. Apart from cornflakes, you can also eat muesli with milk or fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber is considered a hydrating food, in which fiber is also present in plenty. You can eat cucumber salad for breakfast. For this, cut the cucumber in a bowl and add some olive and mint leaves to it. Apart from being healthy, this salad is also tasty. If you want, you can also add cherry tomatoes to it.


Fruit chaat

When it comes to a healthy breakfast, how can fruit chaat be avoided? Fruit chaat is very much liked in no-cook breakfast recipes. Make chaat from seasonal fruits and eat it by adding a little black salt to it. This will keep your stomach healthy and problems like bloating or gas will not bother you quickly.