Breakfast Tips: Looking for the best option of High Protein, try these breakfast recipes...


To stay healthy, it is advised to follow a diet and be physically active. Now people see the best diet options through videos or pictures on social media and also apply them in their life. It is good to follow the diet routine, but for this, it is also necessary to know the right information. Protein is an element which is considered very important for the body. Confusion often persists among people as to which things should be consumed for their intake. What if such things are available for protein intake, which are healthy as well as tasty? Let us tell you about some high-protein recipes…


Spinach and Moong Dal Chila
If you want to try something new in your breakfast, then you can try cheela made of spinach and moong dal.

Ingredients: For this, you will need soaked moong dal, spinach, salt, oregano
Make moong dal cheela like this: Keep moong dal in a utensil for soaking overnight. Now in the morning, blend the soaked dal in a mixer. After this, mix chopped spinach in it and now add salt, oregano and other things and fry it in a pan. Your cheela is ready.

Soya poha
Both poha and soya are good sources of protein and the preparations made from them are tasty too. Prepare soya poha for breakfast like this.

Ingredients: Poha (1 cup soaked), Peas (1/2 cup), Beans (1/2 cup), Crumbed soya (2 cups), Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds, Curry leaves, 1 teaspoon Ginger, 1 teaspoon Green chillies (finely chopped) 1) Onion (finely chopped), coriander, salt, oil and lemon juice will be required.


Make soya poha like this: Take oil in a pan and add cumin, mustard and curry leaves. Now fry green chillies and ginger in a little pan. Now add all the vegetables to it and then add crumbled soya. After roasting well, add poha to it and after cooking, serve it garnished with green coriander.