Breakfast Recipe: If you want to cook something healthy in the morning breakfast, then make Gujarati-style dhokla, know how...


If you are thinking of making a dish without oil and ghee for breakfast. So prepare Gujarati-style dhoklas. These dhoklas are cooked in steam without frying. Which you can also make instantly. Not only in the morning but also with evening tea, Gujarati Dhokla looks very tasty and does not harm health either. So let's know how to prepare Gujarati-style dhokla. Dhokla is generally prepared with gram flour batter. But this white dhokla will be prepared with rice and curd batter.


Ingredients for making Gujarati Style Dhokla
Rice flour, semolina, curd, mustard seeds, red chili, asafoetida, and salt as per taste.

How to make Rice Dhokla
Firstly take out the rice flour in a bowl. Then add semolina, curd, sugar, and a small spoon of oil to it. Then mix it well. Add some water to make this mixture into a smooth paste. Then make a smooth paste by whipping. Add water only as needed. Then add lemon juice and a pinch of asafoetida and leave the batter overnight. 


Prepare the steamer the next morning. If there is no steamer, then fill the water in the vessel and keep a steel sieve on top. Spread the batter on a plate and keep it to steam. After about 20 minutes, try removing the lid of the steamer. If the dhoklas are cooked. Then remove it and keep it cool down. When the dhokla cools down, cut it with a knife. Heat oil in a pan. And add mustard seeds to it. When the grains crackle, add whole red chilies to them. Add curry leaves. Add two spoons of water together and let it come to a boil. Pour this oil-water tempering over the dhoklas and serve it garnished with coconut and green coriander.