Bollywood Actress' Latest Saree Designs:-These simple saree designs will look very beautiful on you, take inspiration from these actresses


Women's love for saree will never end. Because the trend of saree is old and every woman wearing it looks very beautiful. There are always new saree designs coming on the market. Many times women do not feel like wearing heavy sarees. In such a situation, she opens her wardrobe and looks for a simple light saree. Nowadays, the craze for a simple saree is being seen among women.

There are even many Bollywood actresses from whom you can take inspiration for a simple saree. Let's have a look at the best saree designs.

Ruffle Detailing Saree

Nowadays the fashion ruffle saree is in trend. The best part is that this type of saree looks very beautiful. It also adds a new touch to the look. You will get this saree of different patterns and designs online. But nowadays the fashion of floral print is very much in trend. You can wear this green floral print saree by Shraddha Kapoor on any occasion.

Blue Line Pattern Saree

Dhak Girl Madhuri Dixit Saree Collection is very nice. If you follow her, you will know how much her love for sarees is. From simple saree designs to heavy embroidery, you will find all kinds of sarees. This blue line pattern with border design saree by Madhuri is very nice. The special thing about this type of saree is that you will look slim wearing it. Also, you can carry it easily. 

Pink and white saree


This pink and white saree by Kriti Kharbanda is very beautiful. Sequin embroidery is done in this saree. You can carry this type of saree at a night party. However, if you want, you can also try colour contrast for the blouse. This will make your saree look different. Kriti is wearing a pink deep V-neck embroidered blouse with a saree. She has done open hair, pearl earrings and light makeup. For an elegant look, you can make it connected and add rose flowers to it and enhance your beauty. 

Black saree

 Whenever it comes to a simple saree, how can you not ignore the black saree? This black sari look of Kiara Advani is amazing. You will easily find this type of saree in the market. You can wear this type for an office party. You can also wear a V-neck blouse with a black saree. Enhance your beauty by wearing a choker necklace, and a connected and black bindi.

Image Credit: freepik


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